Arthur Belebeau photography

Born and raised in Paris, Arthur was given his first Polaroid camera at age 8. After graduating from the MJM Paris photo School, he joined Daylight studio where he assisted some of the most famous fashion photographers. During his assisting years he had the opportunity to travel the world and fell in love with New York City where he decided to settle and pursue his own career. After working for major publications and brands, Arthur re-met his High school sweetheart in New York whom he married and had 2 children with. Juliette is a creative director and they worked together on many projects. After living 20 years in Manhattan, the family travelled around the world for a year where they contributed to scientific and non profit organisation project. Arthur’s unique photography style is based on graphisme, colors and energy. His favorite thing is to spend time on set working but his main hobby is to raise his daughters and spend time with his family.  Arthur currently shares his time between New York and Paris.

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